Kesho Kutwa Art Exhibition


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Kesho Kutwa

Photo courtesy of the national art gallery

The Kesho Kutwa exhibition is the second in a series of exhibitions the National Museums of Kenya is hosting and curating, as a precursor to the launch of the National Art Gallery of Kenya (NAGOK) project. This exhibition will provide a glimpse of what to expect once NAGOK is established and open to the public; - a combination of artworks from Kenya’s finest contemporary artists, in addition to historically significant pieces from National Museums of Kenya’s permanent collection.
The objective of the exhibition is two-fold. Firstly, Kesho Kutwa aims to chronologize the 50 plus year journey taken so far, towards the establishment of the National Art Gallery of Kenya. The journey has been long and difficult, fraught with all manner of challenges related to prioritization and goodwill. Kesho Kutwa – the day after tomorrow, heralds re-birth and renewal in a post-pandemic Kenya. The exhibition’s second objective is to bring together 5 accomplished Kenyan artists – Peter Ngugi, Beatrice Wanjiku, Michael Wafula, Peterson Kamwathi, and Dennis Muraguri - that have created new works – paintings and woodcut prints that capture the endearing human spirit of rebirth and renewal. The exhibition explores life in a post-pandemic existence. The artists respond in their own unique predictive narratives to what the day after tomorrow will look like.